Andy Benes Delivers Keynote Speech at Mark Twain Area Chapter of Fellowship of Christian Athletes Banquet

HANNIBAL, MO. — Former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher, Andy Benes, was the keynote speaker on Mar. 24 at the Mark Twain Area chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes ‘Home Team Banquet.’ The event allowed almost 100 area athletes the chance to meet and share stories about how faith impacted their lives. Source:

Photo shows former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher, Andy Benes, speaking with ESPN in 2009.

“There’s something about being a Cardinal in the Cardinal community. You have a platform and hopefully I can use that to influence kids in a positive way,” said Benes.

He said he routinely works with his former team to speak with kids.

“I had the privilege of doing an anti-drug program with the Cardinals,” said Benes.

Benes said he hopes the time he spends with young athletes can help them make better life decisions with their friends. “Just making good choices with friends and staying away from drugs and alcohol,” he said.

Watch Andy Benes speaking with 101ESPN at the 2009 All Star festivities

Andy Benes is former MLB pitcher. During his 14-year career from 1989 to 2002, he played for four different teams: the San Diego Padres, the Seattle Mariners, the St. Louis Cardinals and the Arizona Diamondbacks. He is a devout Christian and has stated in a previous testimony that God’s made me a champion for Christ.”

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