Bobby Bowden Delivers Keynote Speech at FCA Victory Banquet

LUBBOCK, TX – Former Florida State University Hall of Fame coach, Bobby Bowden, was named the keynote speaker at the Greater South Plains Fellowship of Christian Athletes Victory Banquet on Monday night on March 30th at the Civic Center located in Lubbock, Texas, where he shared his faith. Source: KCBD

Photo shows Bobby Bowden speaking at North Florida Baptist Church in 2012..

Photo shows Bobby Bowden speaking at North Florida Baptist Church in 2012..

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been here. I didn’t realize Lubbock is as big as it is. I wrote a book ‘The Wisdom of Faith.’ It’s kinda about my career. When you get 85 years of age, you’re supposed to write a book to tell them how you got there. I always felt like my faith got me through it… that God was in control of my life so I didn’t worry …”

Bowden is a frequent speaker at Fellow of Christian Athletes events and has an FCA award named after him. Bowden told the audience, “I am retired from football, but never retired from FCA.”

Watch Bobby Bowden speaking in an interview with Fox Toledo in April 2011.

Bowden’s personality and charm are bigger than life and he has become somewhat of a folk hero. An engaging motivational speaker, Bowden is constantly in demand and most of his free evenings will find him on the speaking circuit. His off-season travel schedule would exhaust anyone. He is a devout Christian and on most Sunday mornings you will usually find him speaking at the pulpit of a church somewhere in the south.

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