Charles Tillman Speaks About How His Christian Faith Helped His Daughter’s Heart Transplant Recovery: VIDEO

Chicago Bears cornerback, Charles Tillman, tells his story in this heartfelt video of how his faith in God helped his daughter come through heart transplant surgery. Tillman, a 2-time Pro Bowl selection and 3-time winner of the Brian Piccolo award and devout Christian, speaks about his life and how his daughter almost didn’t make it.

Photo shows Charles Tillman in 2008 speaking about his Christian faith and his daughter's heart transplant recovery.

Photo shows Charles Tillman in 2008 speaking about his daughter’s heart transplant recovery.

Charles, aka “Peanut” was picked by the Chicago Bears in the 2003 NFL draft, and has played cornerback in Chicago his entire professional career. On May 28, 2008, Charles was at practice when Coach Smith walked over to him and said, “Hey, they’re rushing your daughter to the hospital. You need to get home.”

Upon arrival at the hospital, a doctor told Tillman that it appeared that his 3 month old baby daughter, Tiana, was suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy, which causes the heart to weaken and enlarge, disabling the heart’s pumping system. In order for her to survive, she would need a heart transplant. “It was a very painful time that truly tested our faith and caused us as a family to pull together and trust God,” Tillman says.

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In July a heart became available, and the operation was successful. Peanut recalls it as a joyful yet painful moment when he heard there was a heart available — joy that Tiana was going to live, pain because that meant another family had just lost a child.

As a result of this experience, he says it has caused them to enjoy every moment and not sweat the small stuff. In addition, the Tillmans changed their Cornerstone Foundation from an education-based foundation to one that would help families with sick children. “One of my greatest joys is having the ability to give to others in need.”

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