Drew Brees Shares his Salvation Story of How he Came to Christ


SAN DEIGO, CA. — In a 2015 interview with the Rock Church, NFL Quarterback Drew Brees sat down with Pastor Miles McPherson to share his salvation story of how he came to Christ. In the video, Brees discusses his career, family and faith. The Rock is San Diego’s largest church with over 12,500 people attending the Rock’s five Sunday services. It was started in 2000, by Pastor Miles McPherson, a former NFL player.

drew-brees-speaking-with-rock-church-apr-2015 interview

Brees told the pastor, “Anyone who has reached any level of success at some point in their life has been told you can’t do it …. The bottom line is don’t let anyone ever tell you what you can’t do…. know the Man upstairs has a plan for you. He is molding you, he is strengthening you, shaping you into who he has meant for you to be.”

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Drew Brees is currently the NFL quarterback for the New Orleans Saints. In an interview with ‘Sharing the Victory’ magazine, Brees talked about his football career and his faith. While he doesn’t talk about the gospel or what church he attends, his conversion testimony sounds like something one would experience in a church associated with the evangelical movement. He also says that coming to New Orleans was a “calling” for him. He believes that the shoulder injury that ended his career in San Diego and that brought him to New Orleans was the work of God. To book Drew Brees for a speaking event or appearance, contact Christian Speakers 360 for booking agent info.

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