Former TN Vols Coach Phillip Fulmer and Player Inky Johnson Speak about Faith and Football at Chapel Hill Baptist Church

MILAN, TN. – Former head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers, Phillip Fulmer, and former player Inky Johnson were at Chapel Hill Baptist Church on Saturday night, August 15, speaking about faith, football and the the TN Vols. Both said their lives were changed at the age of 13 when they each met Jesus. Source: The Jackson Sun.

Inky Johnson credits former coach Phillip Fulmer for changing his life when he offered him a scholarship to be a Vols football player and got him out of his rough neighborhood in east Atlanta and a life of poverty.

Fulmer’s relationship with Jesus strengthened when he and a few teammates at his high school in Winchester became part of the first Fellowship of Christian Athletes group at their school and committed to holding each other accountable in their walk with Jesus. “Now 50 years later, we still do that with our wives and families,” Fulmer said.

Fulmer discussed his own faith and integrating his family into his career by having his family on the sidelines during games once his children turned 12 years old. He said that devotion to his family is why he never returned to coaching after Tennessee fired him in 2008. He said he was presented with multiple opportunities to return to the profession at the collegiate and professional level. “I’d spent my career playing with other people’s kids, and I didn’t want to move myself away from my family and my grandkids to do that again just for my ego – which is what it would’ve been,” Fulmer said. “That’s not a decision I regret at all.”

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