Mike Matheny to Raise Funds for Special Needs Athletics


JACKSON, TN. — Special Needs Athletics, a nonprofit West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation founded by Michael Richerson in 2009, will have the support of St. Louis Cardinals manager Mike Matheny on Jan. 8, at 7 p.m. at the Carl Perkins Civic Center in Jackson, Tennessee to raise funds for the organization. Source: PR Web.

“We are excited to welcome Mike Matheny to Jackson,” Richerson said. “After I read his book, it was clear to me that his vision of sports is at the heart of what it should be about: working hard, loving the game and, most importantly, developing true character… It is an honor for us to have someone of Mike Matheny’s caliber speak at this event supporting Special Needs Athletics. The evening is guaranteed to renew the love of sports in all. We look forward to having a large crowd join us.”

The event, which Richerson hopes will become annual, will help fund yearly Special Needs Athletics’ activities in Jackson and Selmer. General admission tickets are $15 on the floor and $10 in the balcony. Sponsorships begin at the Walk level for contributions of $50-$99 and continue to the Grand Slam level for $15,000.

Watch Mike Matheny speaking about his Christian faith

Mike Matheny has been vocal about why the team goes above and beyond to showcase their faith. Matheny has said: “I am not going to shove my faith down your throat, but when the opportunity presents itself, don’t expect me to walk away, “Matheny told Rains in the team’s first meeting last spring. “This is who I am, and Jesus Christ is at the center of my life. It’s all that I am, every day, every decision that I make. I’m going to stand up and tell you what I believe is true.” It is an honor and a privilege to be able to walk through life with the guys that I am able to coach.

Life is not always fair, and troubles are unavoidable. If I am doing my job the way that I believe I should do it, then conversations should come up that are deeper than batting slumps and sore shoulders. When those conversations start, I then have the opportunity to share my experiences, and my experiences almost always have a God component to them. So, should I be a coward and not tell the truth from fear of political incorrectness…? I think not. I hope that I live my life in a manner that speaks much louder than my voice ever could. I want to share what I believe by how I go about my daily business, and how I treat others. I believe in what St Francis of Assisi said, “Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary, use words.”

In February 2015, Matheny published “The Matheny Manifesto,” which shares his views on coaching youth baseball. His philosophy includes respect, ownership, self-motivation and no-nonsense sportsmanship.

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