Naomi Judd Named Keynote Speaker for ‘Home Free’ Event

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Grammy Award winner, Naomi Judd, was named the keynote speaker at the October 16 ‘Home Free’ Benefit Luncheon held at the Benton Convention Center in Winston-Salem. The event, and Judd’s story, are part October’s National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a dedicated time to educate and engage the community about the traumatic situations the agencies address 365 days a year. The event was hosted by Family Services and the Children’s Law Center of Central North Carolina. Source: Camel City Dispatch.

Photo shows Naomi Judd speaking in 2013 at the 3rd annual YWCA WHYWHISPER Fundraiser. 

Naomi Judd, known as half of country music’s mother/daughter duo, The Judds, shares her inspiring story of overcoming the odds through optimism & hard work. “Growing up I’d never even heard of domestic violence,” said Judd in her 1993 autobiography, “Love Can Build a Bridge”. Naomi and her young daughter experienced domestic violence when a former boyfriend of Naomi’s threatened, stalked and assaulted Naomi. She recounts, “I wish there had been a shelter for battered women in West Hollywood in 1973.”

Watch Grammy Award winner Naomi Judd share her insight as to how we can live a positive, productive, healthy and happy second fifty by overcoming limiting beliefs in our life!

“Home Free” is a unique community fundraising partnership that has raised over $117,000 since 2012. Proceeds are shared equally by Family Services and the Children’s Law Center of Central North Carolina. “Both of our agencies work tirelessly to serve families who have been affected by violence in the home,” said Bob Feikema, president and CEO, Family Services. “Last year, 108 North Carolinians – beloved parents, daughters, sons, friends and coworkers – were killed by someone close to them. Thousands more suffered from physical and emotional abuse, or bear the very real scars of witnessing violence at home.”

Naomi is a survivor of Hepatitis C and served as the first national spokesperson for the American Liver Foundation. Using her fame, her experience as a former RN and her passion to help people, Judd has re-directed her energies into communicating her findings and research and educating audiences about the scientific link between mind, body and spirit in the healing process as a keynote speaker. Her humanitarian efforts including River Cities Harvest, the Saint Louis University Liver Center, M.A.D.D., Parents Television Council, the National Domestic Violence Hotline, and the July 4th Judd’s Annual Food Drive to benefit families of Appalachia.

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