Pro Bass Fisherman Hank Parker Spreads the Gospel of Christ at Harvest Baptist Sportsmen Club Event


LIMA, OH —- Bass Fishing Hall of Famer, Hank Parker, spoke about the Gospel of Christ to a crowd of about 120 people at the UNOH Event Center on Friday, July 10, about growing up in a troubled family before becoming a successful fisherman. The event was sponsored by the Harvest Baptist Sportsmen Club. Source:

Parker spoke of his success on the fishing tour, saying his success has been a blessing from God. He said while he had already became successful on the professional fishing circuit, that he didn’t have true happiness until becoming Christian. Parker joked that he enjoyed being a professional fisherman because “now I don’t have to be a real job.” He hasn’t let his success go to his head and now uses his notoriety to draw people to Christianity. “What I am doing here is 10 million, million times as important than what I do for a living,” Parker said.”I never have looked at myself as a celebrity. You don’t want to gain the world but lose your soul.”

All of the proceeds from Parker’s appearance will go to the Fellowship of Christian Anglers.

Hank Parker is a two-time Bassmaster Classic winner and a member of the Professional Bass Fishing Hall of Fame. He is a devout Christian and speaks about his faith in God. If you would like to book Hank Parker for an appearance, contact Hank Parker’s booking agent at Christian Speakers 360 for speaker fees.

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